Special Occasions

Bachelor and Bachelorette

What better way to enjoy your last day being unmarried than to spend it with your closest friends having the most fun you can possibly have for a night? Take some of your dearest friends on an intimate Limousine Bachelor/Bachelorette Party or have the whole gang come and add your many dozen cousins on a party bus. A Bachelor/bachelorette party limo package is your key to a hassle free and safe all night partying on the last moments of your single hood.



When you are looking for a special treat for yourself or someone special on their birthday. Make this next birthday a special one by taking a limo for your Birthday! A birthday is a very important day to celebrate; it’s the day you came into this world! Why not make you or your friends or significant others birthday memorable and special. Let our Limousine service handle all of the transportation planning as part of your special birthday celebration. For this special occasion make parking and traffic one less thing you have to worry about, as your personal limousine takes you wherever you want to go on your birthday. Make this next birthday a blast by taking a limo to your special event!


Renting a Limousine for a trip to the casino is advantageous for many reasons. Of course, as any other  Limousine Package, you get to go to wherever you want to conveniently, in pure comfort and stunning style. We bet you would not want casino hopping without your own ride. Isn’t it also very inconvenient to get around always waiting for a cab, not to mention having to go through a lot of hassle of choosing someone to stay sober and be able to drive? Burden yourself no more and choose among our available Limousine Casino Packages.

Corporate Events

One of the best ways to create a good impression upon a potential client is by providing them with top transportation services. Through slick, reliable transportation services, a company can create a professional and corporate image that is important when it comes to conducting business. By hiring limousine services for all of your corporate needs, it is possible to stand a cut above your competitors for a variety of reasons. Also why not treat yourself? One of our fully licensed and professional drivers will greet you at the airport, and take you wherever needed. Our drivers have complete knowledge of streets and locations. By hiring reliable transportation services, you can make sure you are getting to your hotel in the most efficient route possible.

Night on the Town

Make your next night on the town one lavish trip. Throw a big celebration and take all of your friends with you in a stretch limo, or bring your cousins and siblings too and fit them all in a party bus. Nights on the Town can mean a lot. A posh date, an anniversary, a special dinner, some big event to celebrate, or perhaps a just a random night of bonding/partying/dancing with a group of your friends. Whatever the occasion, you sure will be having one of the best nights of your life on your next night on the town with a stretch Limousine for your ride. A night on the town package will have you totally worry free for the whole night. Your night on the town limousine package usually comes with an unlimited number of stops. You may go restaurant after restaurant, and bar hop or go club hopping till daybreak.


Everyone knows how important weddings are; not only for the bride and groom, but for their families and friends as well. It is one of the most awaited occasions in someone’s life and everyone expects it to be practically perfect. Who wouldn’t want their wedding day perfect? As exciting as it may seem (at first) to plan the most special day for you lovebirds, keep in mind that weddings entail a lot of consideration in ALL aspects. Lists never seem to end and tasks keep adding up. We may not be experts in menu planning, nor can we be the best choice for asking advice on flowers or suits and dresses, but there is one thing we can definitely contribute: a small yet helpful guide to choosing the right Limousine Wedding Package for your special day.


Limo Reservation